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Big thanks to you guys.. the bike is actually together and running!

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Took the break in ride tonight. First impression.. holy shite that pipe is loud. Makes my old RS2 sound reasonable.

Second thing - the bike is actually pulling on my arms! It rips!

BLOWS my old RS2 and S cams out of the water! 2nd gear feels like my old first. Clutch up in 3rd easy. :thumbsup:

And the pipe was super-easy to install! Dremeled the motor mount bolt some and shimmed out my subframe to clear the spring - didn't have to tap my rad at all and it didn't interfere with my Unabikers. Excellent fit.

Thanks to all those who put up with my over-worrisome questions and PMs.

In summation - 14k miles

Locktite stator side and primary nut

Cleaned filter screen

CW 434 BB kit

E cams

MRD/SSW Pipe (f-ing monster pipe)

SSW stock valve job



What is this?? Oh well.



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Right on! Glad it came together for you.

And today it rains......:thumbsup::ride:

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