WR400 Oil changes?

was wondering how much oil do i need to buy, what weight, and if its motor and transmission oil or just one? sorry I know I probably sound really stupid right now:bonk: but I didn't get a service manual with the bike so I don't wanna screw anything up, thanks for the help!

If I remember right I was using a quart and a half... I run 10-30 in cold weather and 20-50 in the summer. Gotta drain the resivour in the down tube and the plug on the motor.

Yup, drain down tube, plug on bottom of case and filter in housing behind the right exhaust header. There is also a filter in the oil line on the right but mine rarely ever has any debris in it. My main oil filter always has at least something in it though, good to clean or change it often.

My 99 manual agrees Cptr 3-17. 1.5 L periodic, or 1.6 L if you also change the oil filter. Total capacity 1.7L

Bonus info :thumbsup:

Torque: Oil filter cover-7.2 Ft lb, oil filter drain bolt 7.2 Ft-lb, Crank case drain bolt 14 ft-lb, Drain bolt frame 17 ft-lb

Yes, engine and trans share the same oil. Run it a few min then drain the frame first but use something to direct the oil into the drain pan or you will end up with an oily front tire. Check this site out. Looks like they have the 2000 wr426 on file.




Can I put rotella t oil in my wr400 15-40

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