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Sweet Vintage Bultacos

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1978/77 Bultaco Frontera 250 MK10, Model 180

This bike is one of the rarest Bultaco's made, there were less than 1000 model 180's built, and even less with the Pursang style tank (most were updated to the Toolbox tank). Frame and engine numbers match. This is a late M180, as it is CA titled as a 1978, but was built in 1977.

Nothing has been repainted on this bike. Original paint on frame and engine with patina, the Gas-tank is a rare NOS take-off that I found with the original paint and decals, I put on reproduction badges. Original Ideal petcocks, all hose clamps are original, rubber intakes boots are new NOS, Original fiberglass skidplate, sidecovers are reproduction (originals included as well). Fenders are NOS Bultaco, headlight is original Hensev. Most wiring is intact, including the yellow kill switch, all the way to the rear brake light switch, although it is not connected. New vintage 6V battery in the stock battery box (still unfilled and new, unhooked) New Dunlop K850A Enduro tires on original Akront wheels (w/ stickers still intact & stainless spokes), Original working Veglia speedo showing 229 miles, Tommaselli Matador levers, Gunnar-Gasser throttle, all clamps and bolts are Original Bultaco. It looks as though the intake and barrel ports were ported at some point (that's a good thing!), but I don't think the case has ever been split or removed from the frame. Original seat with some cracks, overall good condition, Vintage Supertrapp spark arrestor/muffler, new Legend 14-1/2" rear shocks, rear swingarm was modded years ago with Astro style shock mounts to increase travel, it probably could take up to 15-1/2" - 16 "

This bike was running strong before I put the new NOS tank on it, which has never had gas in it! Ever! I've rebuilt the carb and cleaned it up, and replaced the fluids.













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my ride buddy had a 125 i think it was a red tank...he was a redhead and had a bad temper....split the petrol tank when he cracked it with a slap..funniest thing i seen as we were deep in the dunes and a long way from the car,,,im thinking maybe 1977

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nice bike--a friend had a new one red tank 370 back in the day. you wonder were they all went?

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