CRF Carb on a 426 ???

Has anyone heard of a CRF 450 carb being the same as a

YZ/WR carb. Has anyone made a successful switch ??? I've got trouble brewing and I might need a carb and a CRF carb is 2/3 the price !!!

I think you can do it, but the cr-f bellmouth inlet is a little different. It still should bolt up though.

Try getting a standard fc-r from sudco, tell them to jet it for a suzuki goose.

Then you will be getting the good sh#$.

isn't the crf carb 41mm compared to 39mm yz?

The CRF is 40mm and something is different about the bore if I remember correctly. Like it's oval shape or something. If you can borrow someone's CRF carb then try it out and let us know how it works.

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