Hello people, just wondering if I done the right thing here....

I bought a YZ450F 2010 (still waiting for it to arrive at the shop) I have read loads of reviews, and it seemed like the right choice to make. But after reading some articles here, I am starting to wonder if it is the right choice. The bike seems like a handful.

I have been riding a CRF250f 04 for two years in sand pits, forests, dirt track, and more recently MX tracks (20 times ish) in the snow. Before that I had a CR250R from 1993 for a 8 months and that was my first bike in years. I used to ride trials, trials not trails (I also own a Gas Gas 280 trials bike, which I use most) When I bought the CRF250 I missed that exspolsive two stroke punch, I heard a 450f is like a two stroke 250. I never had problems with hanging onto it. (actually it caught me out once when trying to get over a ditch, but that was because the throttle grip was lose, so when I shut it of, it slipped forward, and when I pulled it one agian I gave it more than I wanted.)

I ride lose sand and wonder if the 2010 450 will be too much too control?? Any ideas??

With your previous bike experience I think you will do nothing but love your new bike. I also came from a CR250 to an 01 YZ426F. I don't ever plan to get rid of my 426 the throttle response and power delivery is simply amazing. The only thing I regret is not getting one sooner. Your bike is 9 years newer than mine, hard to imagine how fun thats gonna be. No will love it and never go back!

Its a beast great fun just need to get use to the twichy throttle feeling. I must have made some people laugh this weekend almost bit the dust on the snowy icy track.

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