2001 WR426 Radiator

Hey guys. I was out riding yesterday and a beginner rider ran into the left side of my 2001 wr426 busting the radiator. It looks like it could be welded pretty easily. So I’m going to take it off and find a radiator shop.

I was just wondering how difficult it is to take off the radiator. Where do I drain the coolant?

Any info/tips on removing and reinstalling the radiator would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Drian the coolant from the drain bolt on the water pump housing. You should look at the stickie links up top and download an owner's manual. Gives complete instructions. by the way, Myler's radiator service is about the best there is for fixing this kinda stuff. Your local automotive radiator shop might not be used to working with the smaller, thinner aluminum radiators our bikes have. Myler's fixes it for a great price and ships quickly!

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