Plug Cleaner - Anyone used one?

My friend bought a spark pneumatic plug cleaner from Harbor Freight for $9.99. I thought the thing was probably useless but I cleaned one of my plugs with it and the thing works great. I bought one as well.

Anyone know of any drawbacks to using these?

Are they still on sale for that price? They were $16.99 a couple days ago. I was JUST going to order one! I have been using my larger siphon blaster with ultra fine (dental) media to clean them for a long time. That is kinda wasteful and messy with the blasting media...

At $5 to $7 per plug with two boys riding 2-strokes, it would pay for itself in one day's racing! We ran all last season on "recycled" plugs with great results. After I blast and regap, I use anti-seize on the threads to prevent galling or seizing since the thread coating also gets blasted off.

Just make sure, with a strong light, that no blasting particles remain wedged between the insulator and and outer wall. That has never been a problem for me, but I'm paranoid about that kind of thing anyway.

I did check very carefully that there was nothing down inside the plug and blew it out with a fine tip on my blowgun at 100+ psi.

I will pick up some anti-seize as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not sure if they are still on sale, it was about 2 months ago. My buddy bought his on sale 2 months before I did so wait a little while and I'm sure you'll find the deal again.

About every other month or two Harbor Freight posts the same sales again. They are true creatures of habit, which works well with my habit of shopping there.

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