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Some thoughts after the rebuild

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I figured id let you guys in on some information in case you ever need it.

On the list is timing.

I rebuilt my engine this weekend after fifth gear went out on it. Ended up replacing the right case,shift fork, and a shift drum. Well i get it back together and it ran great! Until i reved it then it died. tried starting it and nothing, couple pops here and there. So i spent all day thinking my timing was off a tooth and rebuilt the area of the motor containing the cam and sprocket 3 times. after nothing worked I sat and thought. Then for shits and giggles I googled the problem and thats where i saw that all three need to be lined up for correct timing (Cam,crank,flywheel) I check the flywheel and bam! Its way off turns out my woodruff key on the crank broke then my flywheel just spun around on the crank. The service manual never even mention the flywheel when correcting the timing during the rebuild. Well now im back up and riding after a month of getting the parts I needed and loving my 450! :thumbsup:

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