Wanted: 1 WR Headlight/Number Plate combo

I usually take my light out when off-roading, and only have that thing in there while on the streets. Well, I went on a dual-sport ride a couple of weekends ago, and I busted the light inside.

Just got back from the Blue Shop, and they want both arms and both legs. Blew me away!

If anybody has taken theirs off, I would be happy to pay fair market value, plus shipping.

PM me, and I will respond.



I might think about it if I could get a YZ number plate and maybe something else in trade or make me an offer.

The one I pm'ed u about is the Acerbis Diamond headlight. It is in the new issue of Motocross Action. Pretty trick setup!


"Live well...Ride free" :)

I guess that I am assuming that the stocker is DOT approved, but is that wrong.

Are any of the after-market headlight/number plate combo's DOT approved?


I' don't think there are any enduro/strictly off road bikes that ever came with DOT legal lighting. Go to fourstrokesonly.com and they tell you what lights are DOT and work best for your bike.


I guess that's one of the consequences of being the last bike to go up a nasty trenched out bank on a creek crossing huh? :)


I was going to tell everybody it was because of all the debris that was being thrown from that SWEET WR450 that was blazin' the trail...


When are we riding again?


Monday. Goose creek. Jim said he would get a hold of you. :)

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