Dual Sporting the WR450

At least in Michigan it is not all that difficult to get an offroad bike titled and plated. I was surprised to learn that you can do this with a 2stroke as well. In several places in the forum, I have read that the WR wasn't designed for riding on the road, there were questions about the TPS and how at certain speeds the bike seems to surge or go flat. Additionally comments have been made that the transmissions wouldn't hold up to that kind of riding. I guess I don't understand any of it. I'm guessing that the TPS changes timing advance at a specific rpm and when riding close to that rpm at speed the switch in advance is more noticeable? As far as the transmission being able to withstand road riding, what would be the problem? Is it heat related, does sustained road speed build heat, I wouldn't think so. In 4th or 5th gears the CS might be turning faster, but the main shaft would be turning slower. Most of the transmission failures I have had are generally related to 3rd gear, when the ratio is nearer a 1:1. What would be the difference in a transmission that would be designed for road service. Thanks.

I've had my WR dual sported for a few years now with no problems. I notice no TPS surge at all, and as far as transmission failure, I don't hammer the gears on the road. Since you won't get any wheelspin on the road, hard shifts (up or down) might break something, at least that's the concern. A cush drive hub or a slipper clutch would soften the hit that the transmission would take with hard shifts.

Nothing to worry about, the WR makes a great DS bike here in Michigan.

I had over 10,000 miles of single track, dualsport, street, and supermoto riding on my 2003 WR450. Never had a transmission or fueling problem.

And now I have over 4,000 miles of combined riding on my 2007 WR450.

Converting over to street legal is so easy in Michigan, let me know if you have any questions.



I'm running an 05 WR450 that is plated, as well as an 07 WR250 also plated, I do notice the surging on the 250, haven't spent enough time on the 05 to see, but it's no big deal in any case. I've gone up a tooth to 15 on the CS of the 250, so I'm not wringing it out at the speed limit, bike pulls it fine. It makes 1st a little high in some tough single sections, but generally once we get moving we're in higher gears anyway. Thanks

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