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carb removal

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A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ001)- Carb Removal

You might not need to remove the carb to access the needle but it will require removing many other things unnecessarily.

Here is a quick way to access the carb and get the needle out of an '00 or newer WR/YZ, if the bike is clean.


1)Disconnect the throttle cables at the grip by removing the 2 screws and throttle housing body.

2)Remove the 2 carb clamp screws from the rubber boots. Leave the clamps loose where they are. Be careful not to lose the spacers.

3)Turn the fuel off and disconnect the fuel line at the carb. Have a rag to soak up the small amount of fuel lost from the fuel line.

4)Disconnect the TPS plug and wiring ties holding it to the frame.

5)Pull the airbox boot back from the carb and pull the carb out to the side of the bike while tilting it to allow the cables to remain attached. Only pull it out about 6-8 inches while having the cables slide this distance under the tank. The throttle cables remain under the tank and will still hang free by the crossbar. The overflow lines remain attached and slide out also. The cables will support the carb easily while accessing needed components.

6)Remove the carb top cover and hex bolt that locks the needle in place. Lift the slide by hand and push the needle up to remove it.




-The throttle stop is easily accessible if it needs shortening at this point. Only shorten it enough to reach full throttle.

-The carb can be removed from the cables if more servicing is needed. Remove the black plastic cover on the right side and loosen the cable adjusting nuts to remove the cables.

-When reinstalling the carb reverse the order and pull the throttle cables from above while moving the carb into place. Make sure things are clean and no dirt gets in where you don't want it.


James Dean :)

[This message has been edited by James Dean (edited 04-04-2001).]

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