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Fmsc milford lake hare scramble

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I have a 2000 YZ426 that is somewhat modified (stainless exhaust, titanium muffler) & it is a fairly tame bike. I have never raced a dirtbike in a sanctioned race so I was looking to enter the FMSC Hare Scramble out at Milford Lake Kansas (Feb 28) about 15 miles from my house. I went out the day before to check out the scene & try to learn something. Boy did I learn something. I learned that 10 year old Yamaha fenders shatter (it broke into so many pieces that I just laughed) when it's cold & YZ426's aren't made for tractor pulls. I have been out to School Creek ORV PArk ONCE before (when it was dry) & the trails were tight but manageable. Not so on the weekend of the race. The mud was brutal & extremely slick, sticky clay. I even tried running off the trail but everything was soft sticky mud. I was sliding all over the place & couldn't get my bike over 5 mph no matter how much power I used. Didn't take very much of the high power spinning at WALKING speed before I started losing coolant in an overheat condition (the radiator cap was venting). I must have picked up over 100 pounds of mud on the bike in 15 minutes. My drive chain was completely invisible except for the back sprocket. All my chain & brake guards were packed with mud, you couldn't even see the rear monoshock assembly. I might as well have been out there on my 1975 Harley. I finally made it back to my trailer by riding off trail dodging trees & let the bike cool off. Replaced my shattered fender & headed back out. Same thing happened, almost zero speed & total mud. I packed up my rig & headed home, it took an hour to wash the mud off my bike.((I HAVE TO SAY THAT EVERYONE OF THE RACERS I TALKED TO WAS EXTREMELY FRIENDLY & HELPFULL, THANKS GUYS! I WILL BE BACK!!)) I realized I was probably lucky that I didn't lose my drive chain because numerous rocks had wedged themselves in my chain guards, front & back. I would have been starting out as a "trailrider" class with a 900-series number. Needless to say, I cleaned the bike & worked on my 1968 GTO on race day! I looked at the results today & nobody under Vet C (500-series) even finished a lap out there. Of course the hardcore dudes (AA, A, B class) made some laps but ALL of the 600, 700, 800, & 900-series guys had DNF's. Is this something that just happens once in a while at unprepared tracks? I would really like to race my bike but it just won't function in that wicked mud. The cooling system works fine as long as you can actually put some wind down the radiators. Anybody have any advice besides removing my chain guards? Thanks!

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