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Difference between poer valves on 02 cr250?

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I'm planning on a complete rebuild. I was looking at Honda's power valve part numbers online and they show different part numbers for the left and right power valves.

14201-KZ3-L20 VALVE, R. FLAP

14203-KZ3-L20 VALVE, R. FLAP

14204-KZ3-L20 VALVE, R. FLAP

14207-KZ3-L20 VALVE, R. FLAP

14208-KZ3-L20 VALVE, R. FLAP

14209-KZ3-L20 VALVE, R. FLAP

14201-KZ3-L30 VALVE, R. FLAP

14202-KZ3-L20 VALVE, L. FLAP

14205-KZ3-L20 VALVE, L. FLAP

14206-KZ3-L20 VALVE, L. FLAP

14216-KZ3-L20 VALVE, L. FLAP

14217-KZ3-L20 VALVE, L. FLAP

Any idea what is what? I'm guessing there different sizes for oversize pistons when you bore the cylinder out.

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yes it is for the CYLINDER size. Check the advanced part lookup at service honda. but you need to find the cylinder size (bottom left foot of the cylinder) and then match up the valves

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