Fried Stator?

I just learned my stator is shot. The secondary coil is fried. Anybody out there in TT land have this problem with a WR, or is it just my lousy luck??? Thanks in advance.

I have seen it happen to yz-f's.

I have one in my collection that is smoked.

It happens, not often.

Sorry to hear about the bad luck.

At least you don't have to split your cases to replace it...

Never on my WR...had it happen on my old XR600R. I would call Ricky Stator in Santee, CA.....they did me right. :)

It happend to me. Just the windings for the headlights.The main power feed for the lights shorted to ground.

I'll have rickystator or someone re-wind it for me sometime in the near future.

Thanks guys. The first thing that hit me was getting it fixed/replaced. Yamaha said it was only a week order, and Im waiting on it.

A new stator from Yamaha (~$150) is probably not much more expensive than getting the old one rewound. If it were me I'd just get a new one.

I just looked up the price of a new stator for a 2002 WR426. $204! They've certainly gotten more expensive than the one I bought a couple years ago. I'll bet compared to that a rewind is much cheaper.

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