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WR125 clutch still dragging brand new!

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Guys I need some help here.

Maintenance wise:- I recently replaced my clutch basket, corks and steels in my wr125 07 with a talon aftermarket one. Done 2 seasons on the original basket and changed the corks last year. Also reworked the original basket taking out the ridges about 7 months ago before the recent replacement.

So before I reworked the basket the clutch dragged a bit but after the work was done it was fine. Over the winter I have replaced the original basket with a CR version, albeit for a CR, only the cooling fins are slightly different and husky sport have confirmed it can be used without modification. Replaced the corks and steels with original kit and filled with oil. Immediately I noticed that the clutch lever adjustment, cable, needed winding out 3 or 4 turns to get the lever to engage/disengage correctly - WEIRD EH?

Run the bike up and it now drags worse than ever, I mean I cant even push the bike in gear with the clutch in or select neutral.

Everything is at it should be, or at least appears to be and I warmed the engine up, rode for about 10 minutes etc but it's still there...

Any ideas?

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