Brake light installation

Any body with info on how to hook up the brake light on a '00 XR650? I've got the switch that replaces the banjo bolt on the rear brake master cylinder with two wires coming out of it. The directions only say to hook one wire up to the light and one to a power source. Any more info would be appreciated, i.e. power source location, does the wiring to the light stay plugged in to the existing male/female connectors and the switch is spliced in to one of those? Also looking for a part number for the bulb that is a running light and brake light. Any help would be appreciated.

What I did was take a 12 volt tester and find the hot wire going back to the tail light. Then I soldered a wire to that wire and sent that to one side of the b/l switch. I run the wires through the rubber sleeve that covers the brake hose to keep them away from the exhaust pipe. The wire off the other side of that switch goes back to power the brake light.

Now the problem you run into with the bikes in the US is this is a single filament bulb, you need a double filament bulb to be the brake light. There are many ways to solve this problem, I just swapped out the light socket in my bike for a dual filament bulb.

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