Speedo & Odometer Recommendations

Any one got a recommendation for an inexpensive speedo/odometer unit? The original odometer was removed from my bike and I'd like one that has speed and distance. Thanks.


You could have a look at the Trail Tech Endurance unit's. They are pretty easy to mount and seem to be pretty robust. They tell you more things than you would ever need to know and can even be used effectively with route sheets as the tripmeter can be adjusted for trail discrepancies. They come in kits designed specifically for the XR and can be fitted in about an hour if you are half handy in the shed.

So far I have done around 6000km's with it fitted to the bike and I have had no problems to speak of. I have used pushbike speedo's in the past and they don't seem to hold up to water real well so while they are cheaper initially they are harder to fit and don't seem as reliable in the long run. The other advantage of a digital unit is that they are generally more accurate (if calibrated correctly), more compact and you can remove the speedo cable to stop it flapping in the breeze.

I see cheap GPS receivers today around $100.00. It is easy to hard wire them to the bikes electrical system. They tell you speed and miles and so much more.

mid 80's XR350R speedo/trip meter for 650R. It fits perfectly using the existing cable and bar mount. Takes about five minutes to install. Analog speedo with trip meter. Nothing fancy. Many of the new, electronic items are not only cheaper, but also far better. Requires more involved installation however.


Thanks for all the info. I think I'll have to go digital or GPS since the guy I bought the bike from put aftermarket wheels on it so the hub doesn't have the connection for a speedo.

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