YZ400 shifting

was wondering if any one else with the 400 or 426 has a problem with shifting from 2nd to 1st? It usually ends up in nuetral. I have tried using Torco synthetic oil and it seemed to help some , but it is still there. Is there another oil that might work better? Any Idea's would be grateful.

Mine hits nuetral from 1st to 2nd but not 2nd to 1st. How old is the bike? This is my first yamaha dirt ride but I am familiar with their street bikes and when a yamaha bike is newer they do this quit a bit on street rides until they get a chance to kind of work in. Cant give much info. but just a little personal insight.

it is a 99'. The guy I bought it from rode it for only six months, at least that is what he said. Then he had it garage for a year, do to an accident he had got in.Never being able to ride again. So I don't know exactly how many hours are on it. Oh yeah and it does do it from 1st to 2nd also, but seems to do it more from 2nd to 1st.

My 2000 426 does the same thing, mostly when going from 2nd to 1st. Potentially dangerous when you do it heading into a jump, huh. Boit told me he uses I think a Bel Ray synthetic oil and this helped alleviate the problem mostly.

Yes! This was a very annoying problem for a while. I'm one of those riders who tries to avoid a hard stomp on the shifter because I fear bending a shift fork. It didn't matter anyway, the transmission ended up in neutral about 50% of the time. The only way I could find around this initially was apply a slight steady pressure of about one second duration on the shifter instead of a quick stab. Then I read an article about Bel Ray EXS synthetic oil curing this problem. It took care of the problem for me. Also, this synthetic oil is fine for wet clutches.

Yea, I'm having the same problem (hitting neutral going from 2nd to 1st gear). At first I thought it was my new boots, but after several hours I know its the bike. It seems to happen about 1 in every 5 times going to 1st. I'll try the Bel ray and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks Boit, by the way its an '01 with about 30 hours on it.


Thanks guys for all the input. I will go get some Bel Ray oil tom. School Finals are over with so know it is time to ride. At least for a month until school starts again and riding time is limited.

when i first got my 99 yz400 it used to do the same the more hours i logged on the bike the less it seamed to hit nuetral i also switched to bel ray exp 20w50 semi syn. it hardly does it anymore i think putting time on the bike helped the most though

I have a 2000 426 it does this when I pull the clutch in to shift from 2-1 but if I just tap the shifter with no clutch I have no problems at all. I run yamalube on mine.

YZman: That's what I have finally settled on as a technique to assure a positive downshift into 1st. I just make sure that I'm not too high in the RPM range before I notch it down into 1st to avoid overrevving. By not using the clutch, I can feel the positive click from the transmission and I know it has shifted into 1st. Haven't had ONE missed shift by doing this and I don't believe it's hard on the transmission.

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