Edelbrock Carb ???

Anyone out here have any input on Edelbrock carbs ??? I may need a new carb and saw they have one available. Looking for pro's and con's

I recall reading a KTM rider hated these Edelbrocks, saying they were no good offroad. Who knows...I don't!

Here is a link to PSI and their BIG AIR carbs. I saw an ad months back in DirtRider.



>> see page 58

from their catalog:

These Genesis "Big Air" Carbs are the most simple and effective carburetion unit on the market today. (Patented) An easy to adjust pilot circuit and a hi-tech EDM cut needle that is flat on 1 side with a very easy to adjust power jet provides 3 simple to use circuits. The "Big Air" Carb does not use any jets or use any electronics and does not require any disassembly for tuning. No gas on your hands, no jets to deal with. All tuning is done externally with a 4mm allen wrench on a 30 clicker adjustment that moves the needle up and down a total of .300. This carb is incredibly easy to tune! Remember, No Jets!! You can literally tune this carb externally in seconds, not 10-15 minutes like a normal carb!! Oh, by the way, here are some other great features that the Patented Genesis "Big Air" Carb System offers. An engine is basically an air pump, in simple terms you deliver more air, you get more power. The triangular shape delivers more air above half throttle, especially from 3/4 to full throttle, but below half throttle it delivers incredible throttle response due to its smaller size. In simple terms, the "Big Air" carb has the flow of a 32mm at low speeds and the flow of a 40mm carb on the top for maximum performance. In other words, the best of both worlds, awesome low speed throttle response, incredible midrange pull because of the extremely vaporized fuel and big top end because of max air flow!! Wow!! This carb was designed to be simple in tuning and function. That was one of our main goals in developing these Genesis "Big Air" Carbs. These carbs are unique in the fact that once they are on the engine, it is not necessary to ever remove them. Available in (125cc size) 30x38mm, 78 & 90mm long & (250cc size) 32x40mm is available in 2 lengths - (78mm shorty) (90mm std.) *Includes complete Billet carb assembly, stainless hardware & needle *Its "Patented" triangular shape maximizes throttle response *Simplicity at its best - these carbs are "Jet-Less" - no jets to change *Vaporized spray like fuel injection means incredible acceleration *3 external fuel adjustments-it literally takes seconds to adjust *Never remove carb for any fuel adjustments *Acts like a small carb but flows "Big Air" *More throttle response than a small carb-exhilarating acceleration *More torque and HP than any other carb - Period! *Its super vaporized fuel doesn't act rich even if it's slightly rich *Designed to fit most stock manifolds *This carb is extremely short from front of carb to the needle for incredible throttle response *Also available with push-in or screw-in top cable adjusters, please specify when ordering! *It uses a Mikuni pull choke system and a TMX Float Bowl. *Uses 5 vents and has no bogs on the landings Dialed - in carbs available for these machines!! CR125 -CR250 Honda 400 EX - 400 XR KX125 - KX250 YZF-250-426 RM125 - RM250 125cc Shifter Carts YZ125 - YZ250 80cc 20mm x 30mm Now Avail. KTM - 125-200-250-520 Call for special applications!!

The XR650 guys swear by their Edlebrock carbs. Check their forums and see what they say. Tim

A buddy of mine runs one on his XR400.. Best damn carb I have seen, for quick adjustments. But I guess a XR400 needs all the help it can.. :)


If you do switch carbs, it has to be able to fit the throttle postion sensor. Without it the ignition curve does not change with throttle position (load).

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