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Can someone help me pick my first dualsport bike please?

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Hey guys, how are we?

Im in a bit of a dilemma and id like some help in making my decision easier for me.

I have a yamaha yz400 '99 that i used for trail riding and now want to upgrade to something that i can register and ride on the streets.

I want to ride it to work and back, when i feel like it.

Maybe around town a bit, when im lazy to take my car out.

My mates go on riding trips, like a week or two long, i think the last one was around 3000km's ( 2000miles ) long, so i need a bike that can keep up, not struggle the freeways and be able to handle the long trips, so reliable...

These trips are like 70% dirt/trails, 30% pavement roads getting there and back.

These happen at most once a year.

We also want to go Tasmania for example ( im from Sydney, Australia, and thats a big trip ).

The other times i would like to take it to trail rides/bush but ride to get there and back, instead of trailering it.

Im no pro, so i dont do anything radical or any major jumps, i just like to enjoy the rides in the bush, take on some hill climbs, and a few single tracks, but its nothing too difficult, and the new bike will have to replace my yz400 for these days,as im selling it.

My friends have the following bikes: xr650r, ktm 640adv, dr650, drz400.

Im 85kg,175cm/5'9", so fairly short.

Doing my research, i came to liking these 3 following bikes.

1). Honda xr650r

2). KTM 625 dualsport

3). Husky te610

These would all be second hand with low km's.

Im not looking at the dr650 or drz, as they dont appeal to me, and im guessing the smaller 450's might struggle for those really long distance travels, as i need to keep up with the big boys.

Im a motor mechanic myself, and like fiddling with things, and doing anything motor wise or adjustment wise is no big issue for me, even tho i have limited bike experiance its all fairly similar to cars( working wise ).

What im worried about is aftermarket support, especially the husky? reliability and maintenance for those longer trips and how easy is it to get parts.

Being shortish, wich of the bikes mentioned has the lowest seating position?

Power is not everything so i dont care about it amongst those 3, but i would like to have enough power/torque to be able to overtake a car easily when needed.

Here is what ive concluded so far for me:

XR= maybe too high? only kick start but im used to it, told only good for straight line? lots of aftermarket parts, goes good.

KTM= Vibrations? parts cost more then honda, high maintenance?

TE= timing chain every 7/8K?, rare and hard to get parts locally? oil leaks from base of heads?

Any pointers in what bike i should be looking at? any advise or knowledge in any of those 3 bikes in regards to reliability? buying parts for husky easy or would i have to wait at times for weeks? what are they like on freeways on longer trips etc etc...

I would need to get a long range fuel tank, something like 20L+, do huskies even make these?

I realized, the more i look/search, the harder it is to choose one lol.

Thanks for listening and sorry for the long post, hope you guys dont mind.



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A 650 sized machine does sound like a good choice, and even though kick starting a bike is not that big of a challenge, once you get a bike that does have it you will never go back.

It really sounds like you want a bike that's different than what your mates have so let me suggest a KLX560. It's suppose to have very good road manners and it can still go off road. Personally I would go with a DR650, but you are not interested in that one. BMW does make a couple of nice x650's have you checked into that one?

And have you ridden any of the bikes in your group?

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