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Husqvarna's CF Racing gets new Headquarters

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Reposted from Moto.it 3/2/2010 translated by Google translation tools

CF Racing inaugurates the new headquarters!

CF Racing turns 15 and has the new team in the new headquarters of Castiglione Olona. Continuing its commitment to off-road championships alongside Husqvarna


CF Racing blows over fifteen candles and presents his new team in unusual setting: in Castiglione Olona is the new home of the team led by Fabrizio Varese Carcano that in fifteen years, has won 60 titles nell'Offroad, tied to Husqvarna which is the official team to the top of Motorally, Raid TT and Country Rally.

Here are strategies, programs and events to continue to be European champions and Tricolore. Operated by CF Racing, announces major success of the flagship 2010 Husqvarna Enduro Cup, the Cup and MX infant school multidisciplinary Offroad School.


Thirty years since his debut racing, fifteen years after the birth of his team, Varese Fabrizio Carcano has decided to write a new and significant chapter in its history as an actor in international nell'Offroad. Opened, in fact, a few days the new home of CF Racing factory team, now based in Castiglione Olona, the famous medieval town of Varese. E 'a modern operating structure - based on a 7 Ticino, in the production scale, a few meters from the highway Varesina 233 - the one where the team now operates CF RACING. The departments dedicated to the motorbike assembly, mounting chassis and engines, components, spare parts inventory and shall be on more than 500 square meters, while the offices have an area of 200 square meters.


CF Racing

Presenting a preview of the new home of CF Racing team at Castiglione Olona, Fabrizio Carcano said: "We need courage and determination to invest in times of crisis. But in light of the 60 titles won by the team in fifteen years nell'Offroad international relations of agonistic constant collaboration with Casa Husqvarna and our passion and expertise in off-road two-wheelers, we made a turn professional. Now the team is counting on a home spacious and modern, the prestige of titles won in the past, relations with the House of reference of the projects set out and looking to the future prospects for winning more new achievements in the world of cycling clawed .

A glorious past motivates the mission PRESENT

CF Racing team has its origins in the commitment of its top dell'Offroad team manager Fabrizio Carcano that, from 1989 to 2000, has won 17 titles Enduro, Motorbike Rally and Raid Tout Terrain.

So says Carcano: "The past is a milestone affixed an undeniable experience and prestige to the titles in the tri-colored dashboard. But more importantly, in light of the past, is the constant encouragement and the role of ever-new platform for future conquests. Today Offroad motorcycling requires great professionalism, great wealth of experience, flexibility of use of skilled technicians and competitive bike and a winning spirit of the group. "


Linked so far to House Husqvarna, expressing passion for technology at the top and always discovering new talent, the CF Racing team has carved out a significant role at the top of the SUV. Carcano Fabrizio said: "The overall title and class European and tri Motorally Raid TT and won in 2009 by Andrea Mancini is the eloquent testimony of our competitiveness and the starting point for all new confirmation at the top. That's our gaze is already turned to 2010: we want to run to win the Italian Championship Motorally, the Italian Championship Raid Tout Terrain and still be players in a single trial of the Cross-Country Rally World Championship FIM.

After the conquests of 2009 ...

In 2009, the CF Racing team - Husqvarna has won three of Castiglione Olona absolute title: the European Championship, the Italian Championship Motorally addition to the Italian Championship Raid Tout Terrain. Andrea Mancini won the titles and the 450 cc class. The team directed by Fabrizio Carcano came second in three classes: the 300 2 stroke with Paul Pettinari, the 250 4 stroke with Mauro Uslenghi and Marathon with Matthew Vettovalli on 610 cc motorcycle.



Presenting a preview of the new operating unit of Castiglione Olona, the CF Racing team announced its 2010 pilots. This is the confermatissimo Champion Tricolor 2009, Andrea Mancini, flanked by a kind of determined and successful pilots formed by Paul Pettinari, Massimo Chiesa, Matteo and Oliver Vettovalli Zanardelli. A team working well together and with great motivation - which is already playing intense pre-season testing - ready for the challenges with the best athletic specimens of their own home reference, HUSQVARNA:

Andrea Mancini on Husqvarna TE 450.

Paul Pettinari on Husqvarna WR 300.

Massimo Church on Husqvarna TE 250.

Matthew Vettovalli on Husqvarna TE 610.

Oliviero Zanardelli on Husqvarna TE 510.


Motorally ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP - March 28: Chianciano Terme (Siena), April 18: Borgo Pace (Pesaro / Urbino), 2 May: Gioia dei Marsi (L'Aquila), 27 June: Foligno (Perugia), July 11: San Remo, 11 and 12 September: Castelnuovo Daunia (Foggia).

CHAMPIONSHIP ITALIAN RAID TOUT TERRAIN - April 29-May 2: Gioia dei Marsi (L'Aquila), 28-31 May: Sardinia - Arborea - Fonni.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS COUNTRY RALLY - 27 May / 1 June: Sardegna - San Teodoro.


Continue the sport and also incorporate the lessons of Husqvarna Off Road School. In 2010 are planned over 20 courses including motocross, minicross, enduro and supermotard. The first takes place February 27 on the circuit Tazio Nuvolari in Mantua and is aimed at motocross, enduro and minicross. Saturday, March 6 meeting instead to Gemonio in Upper Varesotto with a course of enduro. There are numerous training courses provided in Cross Minicross, Supermoto, Motorally, Enduro provided with the operational coordination and logistics management technicians CF RACING. All information is available on the renewed website: www.offroadschool.it


CF coordinates the HUSKY RACING ENDURO - MX CUP 2010

Never change a winning team. With this "leit motiv" HUSQVARNA also entrusted for the 2010 season and managing the logistics of the trophy brand Husqvarna Enduro Cup at the CF Racing team. The formulas of the trophy does not change, with 5 races held exclusively for participants in the championship which will be divided into different classes depending on the model Husqvarna with which they participate. News 2010 are two motocross races held in conjunction with two stages of the Enduro Cup (Faenza and Casale Monferrato): participants will be divided into classes, MX1 and MX2 open to holders of CR 125, TC 250 and TC 450. All participants will benefit from technical support of the mechanics CF RACING, running alongside the riders present as special guest and win big prizes at the end of the championship. For those who have already participated and want to enroll again all'Enduro Cup, thanks to the formula Member get Member, if you bring a friend will receive a discount on registration fee. Are there other incentives for loyalists of the trophies, special attention to those who participate with a 125 (new entry-level class for enduro), a rich welcome kit for each member. For each class winner trophies will be given as a reward enduro motorcycle Husqvarna.

HUSQVARNA ENDURO MX + TROPHY CUP: April 25 Carsoli (Rome), May 23 Faenza (Ravenna) + MX Cup, 4 July: Gualdo Tadino (Perugia), 12 September: Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza) 24 October: Casale Monferrato (Alessandria ) + MX Cup

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Passion and competence, professionalism and team spirit: these reasons managers and technicians, consultants and associates form the winning team RACING CF 2010.

These are its components:

Fabrizio Carcano (team manager);

Simona Ferretti (Administration and External Relations)

Anthony Nigro (chief mechanic),

Mauro GAVERINA (technical chassis),

Robert Leo (technical engineer),

Marco Cenzin (technical),

Roberto Pozzi and Charles Salina (technical wk. logistics)

Giuseppe Macchi (press officer).



A season for framing, the 2009, made up of race victories and winning championships. A winning project, the one scheduled for 2010. All this the result of a joint commitment of all team members in interpreting the role of team's official Husqvarna brand in various leagues Offroad. Relevant technical support of sponsors who share the winning spirit of motorcycle technology. Significant contribution of these corporate brands not strictly business engines, thanks to the passion and the spirit of sharing the success.

CF Racing thanks the leading brands in its sector:

Airoh: motorcycle helmets

Erbavita: Food supplements: laNatura Beauty

Salice: goggles and masks for sports

Progrip: clothing, protectors and accessories for Offroad

Michelin: competition tires

Beta: tools

Twin Air: fltri air

Mastercrom: color technology in the service of fantasy

Racetech: components for racing bikes

Tenacious: mining and chemical company

Arrow: discharges special competition

Bardahl: Lubricants

Tcx: motorcycle boots

Valli: lithography craft.

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WOW we need a USA version! I'll bet they know a thing or two about our Husky's. Thanks for sharing.

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Big doors would open for Husqvarna in this country if the brand had that kind of support in the US.. I think lack of US R&D has always hurt Husky here.

We need a billionaire to step up and run a hobby team for a few years!!

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