F2 Racing Air Screw O-Ring

Can someone mearusre their F2 air screw o-ring for me? The o-ring that seals the shaft of the screw to the carb. Not the one that is super tiny at the tip of the screw. I know you don't really need it, but would give me some piece of mind.

The F2 air screw that came with my bike did not have an o-ring. I would like to order one from mcmaster but don't know the size. I am not near the bike to measure one or can I find the correct size since F2 has evaporated.

Much appreciated gang. :thumbsup:

It is the same oring.

It is the same oring.

Not they are different. The small o-ring at the tip of the fuel screw is very small in comparison to the o-ring that goes on the main shaft of the fuel screw. The oring on the shaft helps keep dirt and crap from getting into that cavity. It also has the added benefit of stabilizing and preventing the fuel screw from backing out.

Then I cannot tell you.

All the fuel screws that have a a groove midshaft I use the same oring on it. I bore the passage in the float bowl (removed of course) with a good 1/4" drill bit, polish the passage with emery cloth and fit.

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