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Need help in buying a new motard

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I also wished to buy an XR600 and fit it with motards (my big dream) :ride: as I really like the very reliable XR machine. However I need your help as people have been discouraging me about buying an XR600 as they told me that an XR400 is better for daily use. I want the XR600 motard for daily use but would also like to use it go down stairs and climb small pavements with it for parking. People are telling me that an XR400 is better to handle for daily use as it is lighter. I can't compare the difference as I have never rode an XR400 but I have ridden an XR600 with no problems several times, although I have never off-roaded with it as I might be a bit short for the pig with off road wheels. Is there a large difference in how the bikes handle? can you handle an xr400 easier then a xr600 ?

so what's best for daily use? Xr400 motard or xr600 motard ?

thanks! :thumbsup:

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