clutchless downshifting

Had my racing debut this past Sunday at age 34. Bought my 2000 426 in April, first MX bike ever owned. Had about a half dozen practice sessions under my belt. Survived, didn't get lapped (despite wipeout in 2nd lap of first moto and stalling it at the gate 2nd moto). Learned many valuable lessons, especially from the esteemed Boit whom I was able to hook up with via this website. My knowingly improper turning technique, but all I could muster at this stage, was to pull in the clutch and downshift while entering a turn, coast the turn, and feather out the clutch while gassing it coming out of the turn. Boit told me about downshifting without the clutch, using the engine braking, and rolling the throttle through the turn. Is this the technique most of you guys are using? What are the limitations to this, or can you downshift with no clutch whenever you want to as long as you aren't on the gas? Is this done only for the purpose of engine braking? Thanks again to Boit for putting up with my rookie questions Sunday and being very helpful. Seems most of the regulars at the track were very accomodating and encouraging to me on my first time out. Hope to be able to keep up with the pack next time.

you can downshift without the clutch as long as you give it NO gas whatsoever you can even upshift to (this is great for trail riding)! I never do that because im one of those guys that hits the rev-limiter constanly on my 426 and speed shifts on a regular basis! Hope this helps just make sure you dont try to give it gas while you shift cause you wouldn't like replacing the tranny! Just my 2 cents!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Hey Thumpa: I had a great time of the most enjoyable race days ever. You're coming along very well for someone who has little experience with the 426....or any MX bike for that matter. Are you sore? My quadriceps,glutes, and those muscles around the back of my shoulders are all midly sore. That was a lot of bike time with practice Saturday and two classes Sunday. Can't wait to do it again... :)

Hey, Boit. I'm very sore, but that good kind of sore. No back trouble, but every muscle has that ache that lets you know you had a good workout. My brother and I stayed for about two and a half hours after the races and got in some significant practice. Sunday accounted for about 30% of the total laps I've ridden since I had the bike. Must have put 20 laps in after the races. I hope to get in some practice maybe Saturday with my son too, (weather and wife allowing, of course). Do you know when the next races are? I assume they aren't racing Christmas eve, and I thought Coco said something about the first weekend in January, maybe.

I didn't hear clearly what James said about the next race. If he sticks with the 2nd and 4th Sunday, that would put the next one Christmas Eve. I'll give him a call and email ya about it. I'm working nights this weekend so I can't ride. The weather isn't looking all that promising for you either.

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