yoshimura exhaust system

Hello to all from a new guy,I just thought I would let you guys now that this system rips !!!!along with the powernow.

All I can say is that there is one very unhappy CRF owner

out there(No Joke).I even gave him a 20'leed and I still

took him,I would take him off the line every time and he could never catch up to me.Im running a 162main & 48 pilot

and a stock yz needle with all the free mods.The yoshi comp system & powernow makes this bike rip.I also picked up the TEC quit system with the pipe for those hoshhosh times. :) This set up is highly recomended.

Did you get the Ti system or stainless ?

I bought the stainless comp system. I got this setup from

rockey moutain,they were the cheapist I found $429. for

the system & $34.for TEC kit ! This is a nice looking

setup & very well made !!!! I got frustrated looking for

the right exhaust, Im glad I went the route I went :)

Do you have a Wr450? if so would you be interested in selling your old header pipe. Ran into a tree this weekend.

I do have the WR450,but I think im going to hang on to the

old exhaust(Im kind of a packrat)sorry,if I pull something

off I like to keep it, just like all my factory plastic.

(YZ plastc looks :D)Just in case if I want to sell the bike sometime down the

road(I dont think so) :)

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