2010 tuner problem!

sooo im dumb :ride: just used my tuner for the first time and when i unplugged it from the bike, the red and green wires came unplugged from the tuner side of the connecter. any ideas what can be done fore this newb? :thumbsup: let the ridicule begin!

Understand that the outside plastic parts that you are intended to handle are the connectors, and inside the connectors are the individual metal terminals, each of which has a wire attached, whether you can normally see them or not.

As I interpret what you said, two of the terminals came out of the connector on the tuner, pulling their red and green wires with them, and remained connected to the terminals in the other connector until you plucked them apart manually?

If so, the terminals were not likely correctly assembled into the connector. You should return the device to the dealer.

i got it off ebay but have emailed the dealership i bought it from(their ebay store) just waiting to hear back from them

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