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Yoshimura Trs Repack

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Well im gonna repack my exhaust soon. And i got the Yoshimura Trs Tri Oval Titanium Exhaust on my 01yz250f . And i tried to repack it a few months ago , but couldnt even open the silencer. I drilled the rivets and and started pulling and for about an hour it almost went off but still no luck. I can open it from the other side cause the screws are frozen stuck! only 3 come out. Im thinkin might as well cut the exhaust about 1 inch shorter and tap threads and instead of rivets put screws. Becuase when i tried to open it i flared out the metal can all around so it would come off . But i said screw it and put rivets back in and since i flared out the metal there was good sized air leaks so instead of silicone i went and put jb weld. So gonna have to cut it. i Shoulda used silicone:banghead: But does anybody know if you have to get the end cap side off to repack it aswell? "the side with the end cap" well i mean do you have to open both sides. Cuase i tried it and it wont come off ,it almost will. Thanks Anthony

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