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Anybody have a SP600F 1985 Suzuki Enduro?

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Hi everyone,

I have a question I hope someone can help with. I have a 1985 Suzuki SP600F. I bought it in the beginning of 2009. The Air/Fuel screw was adjusted previously. The air/fuel plug was removed so the screw can now be adjusted.

Does anyone know what the stock air/fuel screw setting is? I have an original Suzuki Repair Manual and it only says "factory pre-set". I don't know why they wouldn't say what it should be, but they don't. Eventually the screw would have to be removed to replace the O-ring. (rubber dry rots and cracks especially after 25 years)

Anyway, I have it adjusted right now at only 1 1/4 turns out. I think it may be a little lean, but at about 2 turns it seems real rich and it takes a couple seconds to rev down. Although it does take a couple of seconds to rev down after hard acceleration (with the screw at 1 1/4 turns)- don't know if that's a problem on this old bike? My guess is that the vacuum diaphram that controls the slide and needle may be a little slow to go down?

I am contemplating just buying a brand new stock carburetor that would be just under $300.

Parts are still available at Suzuki Dealers. Boulevard Suzuki has the best prices I have found online. Funny thing is the parts fiche doesn't show the air/fuel screw, washer, o-ring or spring. I bought an O-ring for mine from a newer 1996 DR650 in the parts Fiche. I figured it was the correct one and it was, although from a completely different carburetor.

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