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ATK 260 Jetting Question

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Okay, I know this bike is an oddball, but I have a problem and I think it may be a jetting issue. If this belongs in a different forum, please move it.

The trouble is that my bike feels like it is missing. It will run okay when warming up, then intermittently it will miss from the midrange on up. I thought it was a fuel starvation problem but I replaced the fuel lines and filter to make sure it wasn't in the lines. It seems to run good for a while then it'll miss in the midrange and on top. If I run it at 1/4 throttle it'll clean out a little bit and sometimes that'll clean it out.

What really confuses me is today I pulled off the powervalve cover to see what it was like underneath since I hadn't messed with it yet. The red screw was flush when I took it apart. I cranked the red screw down most of the way and reassembled it. After I started it up and took it for a ride it ran GREAT, pulling the front wheel in the first three gears, ran very good at steady throttle as well as wide open. I rode it on the road for 8 miles or so and it ran great the whole time. I thought awesome, that was the problem. Well I got into town and had to do some slow stop and go traffic riding and when I was almost home it started missing again. Anybody have any idea what the issue might be?

I'm new to 2-stroke jetting so could that be my issue? It doesn't foul the plugs and they seem to be clean when I pull them out. Maybe the powervalve needs maintenance? Info is hard to find on these ATK's as I'm sure you're all aware. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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