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2001 Kx 125 Carb Issue?

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Got some issues with my carb I think. I'm kind of a tinkerer cuz I want to learn. The problem started when I took my carb apart to clean it. When I put it back on it would run for a while then bog out and not start. The thing I first noticed was excess oil coming out of the exhaust, and now after repeatedly taking it apart trying to figure out anything I could without coming up with any answers I'm getting fuel coming out of the overflow after the bowl fills up and it won't stop. I researched a bit and found alot about the float level and valve needle, the needle looks fine and I have no clue or the proper tools to know if i have the correct level. Should I stop tinkering and buy a rebuild kit or is there some way to fix it. Thanks in advance. I just want to get this fixed to sell the bike and get my 250!

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