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Stopped my bikes vibrating snail trails

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So yall know how, if the bike is left there to idle on the kickstand, the bike likes to drift and make that snail trail on the concreate. After installing the quite insert, it doesn't do it very bad but it still did it sometimes. So I decided to find a fix for it.

Here is the snail trail.


So I found a roll of rubber I had lying around. Place the kickstand on the rubber and cut out around the kickstand.



Take a rag and clean off the underside of the kickstand and put superglue on one side of the rubber, Then line it up and glue it to the underside.


wait a few minutes to let the glue kinda dry then kick it down and softly put the weight of the bike on the kickstand to help everything dry together.

And Vola! rubber helps absorb the vibs and my bike stays put.

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