Need advice on trail riding setup with 4sp. yz450f

This is my first post on thumper talk. I just got a great deal on a 4 speed 03' yz450f. I mostly do trail riding which I know the 4sp is not ideal for. With that being said, I know I can change sprocket size's and possibly the flywheel as well. I basically am looking for advice, suggestions and feedback from people who have ran into this situation before and what adjustments were made. Thanks in advance for your reply.

I just got an 03 450 as well. I just rode it for the first on sunday. Mine has a 13 tooth frt and a 50 tooth rear (stock is 14/50 i believe) and a big flywheel. It seemed to do really well in the tight stuff. My other bike is a RM 250 which is geared like a tractor (13/53 and stock is 14/48) and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be alot faster on the 450.

just ride it and have fun. I have an 04 and it is great for track and trails. my gearing is 14/50 and for trails i pretty much surf 2nd and 3rd. it will pull second gear from almost nothing and mucho power is a clutch slip away.

this is the only 4spd bike i have ever had and I love it.

mine had 14/48 with no flwyheel. 1st gear felt like i was in 4th trying to take off

put +10oz fww and 13/52 gearing and its much better... although lost top end a little but even as it is i have never hit 4th on the trails i ride yet

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