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Cr250 1985 sparks problem what should i do!

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i own a 1985 cr250. I'm having some troubles with it. First there was the rotten right crankcase cover. I bought a new one with all the kit(bearing and all). But also, i had problem with spark. The thing is i would only spark the first few kicks. lets say the first 3. then nothing more no matter what you give it. after a day or 2, if you are lucky, it will spark again. Now dont tell me to change my killswitch, its disconnected.

actually i have a Clymers and followed everything. and guess what. everything was in the specs. Only thing i cant test is the cdi. yeah. the thing is i dont want to buy one. Is this symptoms of a bad cdi?

i read something somewhere about cleaning the pulse generator...

i did check if there was any short.

ok first i bought the bike non running.

No spark. so i check everything by the manual and everything reads ok. no shorts. so i change the coil for one of my multiple Puch maxi(moped rider) and guess what ... some spark! yeah so i switch back the original coil and guess what... Spark again! so i fire up the bike but only for a few and i kill it because i have no coolant in. but it ran like 5 secs and i did kill it. it gave me the impression it would have gone forever if not of that.

after that i started it a 2-3 times for 5 secs. now no more. after 3 kicks the spark is over for long.

what could it be? i checked everything again and everything seems fine...

thanks a lot!


me riding it! (puch maxi coil donator for experiment in the back with my cz125)


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