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05 crf 250r takes 1/2 hour to start

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Current set up

je piston

hot cam

full yosh exhaust

boyseen quickshot

ap o-ring mod

intake valve .004

exhaust valve .010

Flat part of slide down

175 main

42 pilot

jd blue needle 5th position from top

pilot screw 2 out

Riding between 0-1000ft about 45*f

The bike will not even try to start with the choke on. When it finally starts without the choke I can pull it and the bike will idle up like normal.

The pilot screw has little to no effect unless closed all the way. I have this one. http://www.jdjetting.com/xcart/product.php?productid=85&cat=4&page=1 Not sure if it is the right one. The o-ring is not up in the carb.

Once started The bike runs good with a little bog out of really tight corners. It will restart with one kick after hot. I do not use the hot start lever at all.

Thanks for the help. I am stumped because it runs so well after the fisrt start of the day.

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