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Help with 99 CR125

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A cousin of mine has a CR125.. bike ran before but only with the choke on and idle screw backed way out.. it would bog bad when you would let the rpms fall. comming out of a corner if you slip the clutch get the rpms up he screams.. but if u just punch it.. it will not do anything just bog endlessly, u have to slip the clutch to get it to do anything. but now we tryed to start it and it run at low rpms but only with the choke on.. but once u rev it high it would smoke brown a little a foul the plug.. its puking oil out of the expansion chamber where it meets the silencer and out the back of the silencer.. and this excess oil has just really started lately. I was thinking that maybe when we rev it its pulling unburned oil back through the expansion chamber via backpressure from falling rpms and fouling the plug maybe? we know where jetted rich but could reeds cause this also? it was also pretty cold but the bike fires up after 10 kicks maybe and runs till you give it a big shot of throttle and seems like its sucking oil out of the bottom end or back through the expansion chamber.. smoke is brown.. rings have an hour on them, all the bottom end has been replaced and is new..

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