03 to 05 yz450 parts transfer?

How well do the parts swap from an 03 yz450 to a 05 yz450? thanks for your help.

specifically what parts?

Most parts are interchangeable but there are also some that will not fit

well do you think it would be easier to swap all fenders, fuel tank, and cables from an 03 to an 05 or would it be easier to only swap the good engine and transmission out from the 05 to the 03. sorry if this is confusing. thanks for your help.

The '05 has better suspension. All the other stuff just bolts on the outside. I'd keep the '05 rolling chassis as the basis for whatever I did with it.

Unless your '03 was a very late build that year, it will have a different clutch cable set up, and you should stay with the '05 parts there, too. Buy a new clutch cable if you need to. Converting to the '03 setup will require changing the release arm, and it's a step backward.

You might want to try the '03 CDI, too.

are the front forks interchangeable? thanks for all your help.

Yes, but they must be moved as a complete set, including triples. The shock also interchanges. The '05 was the first year of the KYB twin chamber fork, and except for Dave Johnson at SMART, no one I know of has ever been able to make the single chamber KYB work as well as the later TC models. The '05 fork was not as sophisticated as the '06 and later, but a very small amount of rework will fix this at a fairly low cost, and unless you have a really, really good set of forks on the '03, there's no way I would take the old fork over the newer.

The '05 also has an improved head and air box/air boot, and a more sophisticated carb.

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