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520 chain conversion for XT350

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I have a 1985 XT350 which is currently running a 425 chain and sprocket set up.

I would like to fit a 520 chain and sprocket upgrade.

Im unsure what size sprockets to fit on standard gearing, and how many chain links to order.

Ive seen an advert on ebay that recommends i fit for a 520 set up.

16 front , 44 rear , with a 120 link chain.

Is this the correct set up for standard gearing ?

Thanks uggtek

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For similar ratios and gearing just maintain a ratio close to the stock 55/19 = 2.89. On my XT the sprockets are 52/16 = 3.25. High number slower bike. I love this gearing for trails and for getting to the trails. Stock top speed is about 90. This 3.25 ratio takes about 20mph off the top but in the single track i can use the first 3 gears. Mostly 2nd but 1st for the tight stuff and 3rd for a straight stretch. The 3.25 also means that for every one tooth up front equals 3.25 teeth in the back. By the way this is a 520 chain and has 109 links to it. I believe that the 16 tooth, 520, may be the largest that can be put up front. Hope this helps someone.

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Its been a long time as no one asks anymore but i recall the sprockets off a 1981-2 Yamaha SR250 sizes 16 front and 46 rear are a direct replacement in 520 and same circumference(same gearing) as a XT350

Part # 3y1-17641-60 front

and 3y1-25446 rear

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Thanks for the replys guys.

The set up i went for is :

16 front of a XT600 (1984-86)

45 rear of a Xt250

120 link non o ring 520 HD chain , cut down to 103 links

I get good acceleration and it pull's well.

Top end i could only get 67mph but my bloody clutch is slipping . (bugger)

Will report back top speed when clutch replaced.

I found a performance clutch advertised on ebay from Sweden . Its brand name is Moto Technica , they are supposed to be as good or better that OEM plates.

5 springs and 7 corks delivered £29

yamaha wanted £100+vat and delivery.

Thats three times as much as other kit

Will see if ive got a good deal or not?


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