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DR350 Cold Starting Solutions

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Seems that reading thru a few threads its not just me that has cold starting issues with the kick only 350's. Saw this on youtube, so its not my discovery :ride: but I have been trying it and seems to work well. i sometimes go 2 weeks between starts:

Ignition on

choke fully out

pull in and hold decompression lever and kick about 10 times.


twist throttle twice

pull in decompression lever and release

push down kickstart until lever releases itself

kickstart with some throttle

should jump into life.:thumbsup:

if this works for eveyone it maybe should be a sticky.

PS I am in Oregon where its currently mild (40s) and damp

good luck

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If the idle mixture is correct it's really not that hard... I can usually start mine on the 3rd or 4th kick even when it hasn't been run in a while. An open or modified air box makes it harder IMO. On "S" models with the CV carb, drill out the plug over the idle mixture screw and adjust it out to about 2.5 turns. When the engine is at operating temperature you can fine tune it. My approach is to set the idle speed to about 1600 rpms then turn in the idle mixture screw until the revs start to drop. Back out 1/8 turn from there and it should be about right.

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