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I've looked but still need help on KX60 teardown

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I looked a FAQ's and I went in about 20 pages or so looking for a thread and no luck. Can somebody point me to a thread to do a lower end on a 1999 KX60? I bought the Crank/rod & piston kit from weisco. The upper end gaskets are Kawi. I need to split the cases and install the new crank and bearings along with gaskets etc supplied with kit. I have done many upper ends, never a bottom. I have rebuilt Mouse and Rat Chevy's so I have tools and am able. Do I REALLY need a manual or is it cut and dry? Is there a place to download a manual in case I have a question or need a torque number, etc? Lastly If I hand a shop the engine and parts, what would they charge roughly? Reason for the last question is in case I can't get it split, etc. I got the bike for $200 and have another $225 in parts. Crank went bad due to lean situation in 2000 and has been in storage. The friggin paint is not worn off the cases and tires still have nubbies on the knobbies...maybe 50 hours on this rig...sweet bike. I am also 40 and 225lbs and own a DR350 and an ATC250 so I doubt I will be holding on to this for long so $$ is king.

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