09 WR license plate bracket

Dose anyone have some pictures of a license plate bracket using the stock tail light?

I made a bracket that puts the plate at a 45 degree angle coming off the back of the tail light, but every time I bottom the rear out the tire hits the license plate and bends it to hell:banghead:

Any ideas would help with the next bracket I make to keep from loosing the damn plate. Thanks :thumbsup:

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Here's one cheap option. I used a rubber $12 motion-pro plate holder. I mounted the actual plate to a same size piece of hard plastic and then to the rubber motion-pro plate holder. On the fender I used some existing holes for mounting, while trimming the rubber a little to fit. You may also see in the pic a ty-wrap that will give me a last chance save if it all falls apart. So far it hasn't. Later I added LED plate-lights that run off the tail-light power.


I have the ebay guys on both my WR's they work great!

I have the ebay guys on both my WR's they work great!

Do you have a pic of it on your bike, and dose it still work with the 07-09 tail light?

Here is a picture of mine, Im not sure how I could get it further back or higher to avoid the tire:banghead: Any ideas?



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