Two problems that may be carb related. Help please.

Hello WR Riders,

I installed the GYTR AIS removal kit that was included in the purchase of my '06 450 about six months ago. Made at least one ride a month to local trails in preparation to my trip to Big Bend this past weekend. Never experienced any of the problems that I will describe shortly. As far as I could tell the bike ran excellent after doing all the free mods and AIS removal kit. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This kit came with a main jet and needle valve?

Two weeks prior to the trip I removed the stock tank and installed an Acerbis 3.3 using automotive fuel line and brass tee thanks to some tips on this site.

Immediately after starting the bike, fuel began to run out of the drain hose connected to the bottom of the float bowl. I promptly stopped the bike, removed the tank and checked all the hose connections not finding a problem.

Very puzzled at this point as this should be a vented tank and petcock. Not vacuum dependent. Reinstalled the tank and decided to let it run a bit to see what would happen. After a couple of minutes the leaking stopped. Rode the bike around for awhile, stopped to check for fuel leaks and took it to be inspected. No problems. No evidence what so ever on the garage floor of fuel leaking from the bowl.

The evening before the trip the WR was loaded in the bed of my truck. Again without any leakage. Everything is good right? Well not really. At dark thirty in the morning I'm unloading the bike from my truck after traveling thirty miles from my house to meet with my travel partner. We both smell gas and find visual evidence of fuel both in the bed of my truck and on his trailer. Both petcocks are closed. Why is fuel leaking from the float bowl?

Taking a chance we leave for Big Bend. That evening we unload the bikes still finding evidence of fuel. I ride around for a bit, park the bike and all is well. Even left the main petcock open. No leakage. For three more days there is no problem. We had a great time riding the park and surrounding area.

Three days later we loaded up to leave. I double checked that the petcocks are closed and ran most of the fuel out of the bowl. Not all. Low and behold, on the first break. We find evidence of fuel leaking from the bowl. When I unload the bike from my truck and roll it into the garage, I find fuel in the bed of my truck. The bike has now been sitting in the garage for two days without any fuel leakage.:thumbsup:

Now. How does this relate with my second problem? While riding at lower elevations in Big Bend I notice what feels like a miss while topped out in every gear. Otherwise the bike seems fine.

However at higher elevations the bike runs like a dog through the entire range. the higher we went the worse the bike ran. Being new to this I couldn't say for sure if it was a jetting or spark issue. The elevation was about 600ft above see level to around 5700ft.

Please help me get this corrected. My problem sounds similar to what someone posted a couple of days ago but I can't really be sure.



the GYTR ais kit comes with a main jet, a needle and a pilot jet. sounds like something is stuck in the needle valve which can overflow the carb and cause leaking and rich conditions. remove carb and check for debris, easy on your '06

As was stated in the other thread, make sure that your float height is set right to begin with. I have seen instances where the tank would pressurize and flood the carb, but this was usually when the float height was too high. I would try moving the needle up or down one clip level to see if the miss goes away. I used a YZ needle to cure mine when it did that. As far as running worse as you got higher, you were likely running way rich at higher elevations and couple that with a possible float height issue you may have been flooding the engine most of the time while you were riding. 600 - 5700 ft is a fairly large range to have the carb work well across the board. When the bike isn't being jostled around maybe the gas finds it's level and doesn't leak anymore. If you don't have a manual, they are free to download in the WR performance index at the top of the forum. Good Luck -- WR Dave

Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated. Won't have time to work on the bike for a few days. I'll be sure to let you all know what was found.

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