YZ250F forum?

Maybe? Yes, no? Please?

Hopefully soon. Over the holidays I'm thinking.

Would you guys be pissed if I combined the YZ400/YZ426/WR400 and WR426 forums?

How about combining the new YZ250 and WR250 forums?


I think the WR and YZ forums should be combined cause the engines are basically the same design except gear ratios and lights! More People = more info! Right? Just my 2 cents! Kepp up the great work!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I think it would be better to have all the 400's and 426's together. No matter if they were WR's or YZ's

The more people to join the party the. The better it gets.........

Just my Thoughts

It's a great board and I think if you combine all YZ Fs it would only be better

I'm more concerned about the forum closing down. I really really need this forum!

I would suggest the 250F's get a single combined forum to start with. There will be fewer members than the big bores because there will be fewer sold. The market is getting very competitive. The 400/426's have greater numbers because Yamaha got the jump on the competition early.

The 400/426's forums are doing well as they are. The focus is more offroad on the WR side and MX on the YZ side.

Second choice would be an all WR forum and another all YZ forum.


YZF together = MX/SX

WRF togerther = Enduro H/S, desert, ++

think this is the way..

yeah, combine them. There's a lot of similarities between the YZ's and the WR's, so do it! I'm so glad I found this forumn, I love it!


Me? I'm 15. I ride a 2000 YZ 426.

My Dad? He rides a man's bike, a CR 500.

My brother? He's 13. He's switching from a Suzuki 125 to a quad.

My mom? She rides a Yammy Blaster.

As for the winter? Well, then we pull out the snowmobiles!

Hey Bryan

If you want i'll post a banner for ya on my site.

Might help with traffic?

Keep up the great work!



Hold it Wide...


Bryan, please combine your groups based on ENGINE family. The YZ and WR guys can share good info and learn a lot from each other.

I am greatly looking forward to a YZ/WR250F forum.


Seperate them by engine size I think...


Yes, erperating them by engine size is the

best way. We can learn from each other since

we have the same engine.

Can't wait for the yz25f/wr250f board!!!

I'm picking up the 250F this evening.

Originally posted by Bryan:

Would you guys be pissed if I combined the YZ400/YZ426/WR400 and WR426 forums?

I think it makes sense to have all the YZ/WR 400/426 posts on one board. Often folks will double post anyway. If I have a technical question I usually go the WR side just because it has more traffic, but there doesn’t seem to be too much difference between the WR and YZ sides.

But the 250F probably should be kept separate, for the meantime anyway, because it is a brand new model.

Not to be seditious but I also think a KTM forum would be nice (I’m planning on winning the lottery soon :) ).

My two cents.

Hey Bryan...if you need any help with writing the html code for this forum let me know i can help you out and transfer it VIA ftp! I have my own site http://www.gmb-computers.com feel free if you need help! I love these forums and would love to help keep em' going! Thanks,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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