Need help. What is it?

Last night I was out in the garage tinkering with my WR 450.

I noticed this thing on the right side of the engine. It looks like some kind of lever. It folds in or out. Almost like a upside down kickstand or something. Anyone know what that thing is for? :)

I've heard some of the old timers talk of these devices.

The story goes something like this

Early, Primitive 4 stroke riders would

use these devices in a religious ceremony.

The Ceremony would be repeated throughout the day.

Every time they moved the lever with leg

they would holler to God to "Dam" their machine.


If you put the bike in gear and move the lever up and down you can crank yourself back to the truck when the woodruff key goes.

Haaaa, thats funny next thing your gonna tell me is its a muffler bearing or a piston return spring.....

Wait there is something there, I'm just not gonna touch it.

Be careful what you make fun of. I was taunting my buddy kicking his Husky on our trip to KY last weekend and the Motorcycle Gods got even. I tipped over and the grey button in the starter switch popped out and I couldn't find it :) So I learned what the bent piece of metal was for. BTW It starts great If you give it a long kick not a 2 stroke quick kick :D

Let me know how funny this joke is in about 7 years, when you are done paying for your bike!


I spent about $100, bought a YZ cam, and ALL MY '98 stuff is paid for.


Now who is laughing?

Goose Creek it is! I'll be bringing one of my KTM boys....

Catch us if you can!

Sour grapes Brandon??? They aren't that expensive, try one you'll like it! :):D

try one you'll like it

No, no sour grapes, but that is the exact reason why I won't try one!

I DO think they are the cat's meow....

Just flipping the guff where I thought it to be due!

We'll settle it on the trail!

Until Monday and Goose Creek!


At $39 a month I don't think 7 years is long enough. Oh yea, that only last for 2 years. :) I need to sell something! :D


its called a kickstarter.... i use it all the time when my bike is cold , because it wont start with the button when its cold. :)

used for after ya dump it in the water .... take out plug, set upsidedown (on handlebars), pull bar numerous times till water leaves all parts :)

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