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idle changes speed

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After I put my top end back together I took the bike out for a small boot up my block to see how things were. RIght away when I started it I noticed that the idle was much lower than before, but the temp was also higher since I last rode it so I figured that it was just running slightly richer.

Took it up and down the block, very short strip just to see how things were, power was good etc. When I brought it back to the garage, the idle was now high... I didn't change anything.

Today I did the same thing again and as soon as I started it with the choke on the idle was just screaming, pushed the choke down and idled ok. I turned the air screw in 1/4 back to stock (1 turn out) and the idle got pretty low. I adjusted the idle via the idle air screw and flicked the throttle and things seemed stable.

So I took it up and down the block one more time and when I brought it by the garage, same thing, idle was high...


I must have an air leak... I re-used the jug gasket so maybe I'm leaking in air from there?

I also re-used the reed gasket as well, but it was perfect. I used grease on the gasket and o-rings for the reed cage and plate, so I know that there is no way that there is an air leak there...

Any suggestions?

Should I re-tighten the jug bolts criss cross a little more?

Thanks for the help.

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Spray the suspect leak ares with wd-40 when the bike is running, when the bike fluxuates idle, you found your leak.

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