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California Action required by March 5th Friday - Clear Creek

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PER THE AMIDOR BRC on 3/5/2010 the DEADLINE WAS extended 45 DAYS:ride:

Please ACT NOW comments are due 5/20/2010

Click below and create your letter to Clear Creek Management Area using

predrafted or your comments in just Two Minutes.



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deadline extended 45 day announcement

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The link at the begining of the thread is real easy and works great! Here's the copy of my email.:thumbsup:

I point/click for the 1st 4 paragraphs and then added the last. So easy, even I was able to do it.

Date: 3/4/2010

Hollister BLM Mr. Rick Cooper

Bureau of Land Management, Hollister Field Office

20 Hamilton Court

Hollister CA, 95023

Dear Mr.Rick Cooper,

The studies used to justify the closure of Clear Creek Management Area are based on 40 hour work week occupational exposure to asbestos. The visitors at CCMA are recreational users with possible exposure of only a couple of hours to a couple of days at a time. The BLM needs to consider the vastly lesser exposure of recreational visitors compared to the studies daily workplace exposure.

There appear to be no documented cases of BLM employees diagnosed with cancer due to exposure at CCMA to the Chrysotile form of asbestos. These employees spend far more time in the area than recreational visitors, so if the employees are not experiencing related asbestos health problems then there must not be any real health risk.

The EPA report is flawed and should not be relied upon for the agency?s decision to enact a closure of the CCMA to all public use.

Lastly, the DEIS does not contain any Economic Effects of the huge impact to regional economy like gas stations, restaurants, lodging, camping supplies, etc. This must be added to the DEIS with supporting documentation.

Please understand by closing CCMA, the primary users (OHV enthusiasts) will now have less riding areas with more riders in them. This, in my opinion IS a REAL risk. As opposed to the "potential" risk you closed CCMA with.


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I sure hope we have more people here getting this done quickly then have responded. One response for such an importatant and easy task is somewhat disheartening.

Do you want to help save our trails or what????

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Apparently the deadline for comments was extended by another 45 days from March 5th per the Amidor BRC.


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