another bolt on S/A

Found another site selling a bolt on S/A for the 400/426 , this one looks pretty trick and is cheaper than the one posted here earlier, it's at


Hey Doug, Don't suppose anyone would have any data/experience on how this item performs!? Not that I distrust manufacturer claims at all. Looks alot like a supertrapp

tip. May perform similar (?). Anyone have or tried one of those?


Hey oldtimer,

the BMP kit is very trick, it istalls in about 20 min and its tunable like an E-series

pipe but a fraction of the cost.

I have a few friends that run them and they are very impressed. great performance as it uses the stock exhaust and doesnt change the power much, depending on what u use for disks




Hold it Wide...

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I have a friend that builds an adapter to let

you install the E-Series disks on the

stock muffler. It looks much better ans fits

better than the bmp kit.

His email is

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