Excellent Mistake

I put my new 52 sprocket and chain on last weekend and by mistake took out 1 too many links. The back wheel is as far forward as it can go and still have a safe chain slack. It is at least 1/2" farther forward than stock. The chain wear will be more, because of the angle into the chain guide, but thats another story. My point is that the bikes handling/turning was much more noticable with this setup than moving the shocks up in the triple clamp. The bike lost alot of the top heavy feel ie; in quick side to side turns in tight stuff, and I didn't get any head shake :):D BTW the Motorcycle gods got even with me, after making fun of my buddy kicking his Husky, and tauting him with my E-start, I tipped over and the grey button on the electric start popped out never to be found again. But I did get real good at kick starting :D




Live well...Ride free :)

LOL ... always bring bailing wire, paper clips for such an ocassion. (duct tape wont cunduct hehe)

put your back wheel forward! :)

About two years ago this was THE TRICK to get a wr to actually turn. On this board I learned it, and with MX Tuners help.

Good to see it be rediscovered :D

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