A YZF fuel injection question

Hey guys,

Those of you with '10's, how does the bike bahave when you are near the end of your fuel capacity ? Does the FI pump start to cavitate air and can you feel the bike start to run bad ?

Good question. Does the gas tank have baffles to try and keep fuel over the pickup for the fuel pump. Is pump in tank?

It's pretty standard practice in the automotive world to have the fuel pick-up/pump assembly surrounded by a small baffle to keep the fuel flow steady at low fuel levels.

The reason I ask, is on my injected Harley the bike will do a pretty violent on and off "chugging" that's a tell tale sign your about 5 min away from running out of fuel. Not that you can compare a Harley to a YZF, but I was just kinda' wondering if you are preparing to hit a large double, and all of a sudden the bike starts voilently "chugging".... :thumbsup:

Another poster on here, I believe he was from nevada, said that when it runs out it just quits without warning. His bike quit on the face of a tripple and he got a trip to the hospital. I think he was one of the first ones to get the bike.

I ran out of gas the other day and it just died like any other bike. Filled it up and went on my way.

It stops running when it's out of gas?? Sounds like a serious defect.

I think what polar bus wanted to know is if there is an advanced warning like how the carb bikes would start to backfire/pop when they were getting close to being out of gas. I haven't run my bike out of gas yet but it sounds like from others reports that it just dies without any signs of it getting close to empty.

Obviously the moral of this story is "don't run out of gas". With carburated bikes you always feel subtile engine power loss (2 strokes sometimes even surge higher rpm's) right before you suck er' dry so you have a prior warning..

I've run out once and there was little to no warning. There was a slight stumble about 100yds before I was out. I was able to restart it but it only ran for a couple seconds and then was bone dry. Happened to be while I was riding to the truck for gas, so I knew it was low, just didn't realize how low.

I have done a couple timed runs to see how far a tank will get me and everytime it gives a second or two of sputtering and thats it.

Ran out yesterday, No bobbles, no splutters nothing... Just off like turning off a switch.

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