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CTi Knee Braces

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Just some info since Google search on this is pretty useless.

This is geared for those of you that have good medical insurance. Otherwise I would just buy asterisks or equivalent.

If you want a set, this is how it works.

Give them a call. Used to be Innovation Sports, now its owned by Ossur.

800-233-6263. Its in Foothill Ranch CA. you can see the Oakley factory from there.

Tell them you ride and want/need a set. They will refer you to a Dr who they are used to working with in your area. You go see the doc, tell him your knee hurts to walk after you ride. (the way you describe it is critical. You can’t say you need it to ride, you need to complain about your daily struggles)

Usually, he’ll know the routine, and he’ll write you up a prescription.

The doc will refer you to an orthopedic place that’s where they will verify insurance (do not proceed until you know how much out of pocket you’ll be paying, the orthopedic place will tell you) and measure you for the braces.

And that’s it. Depending on how good coverage is and your deductable, you may be a couple hundred to nothing. I know it seems like an insurance scam, but that’s how the medical industry works.

This all came about cause I’m trying to get mine refurbished. Over time, the braces loosen up and have play in the hinge. They told me insurance won’t cover it. You can send it directly to Ossure and they do a complete refurb to almost new, fresh paint, new straps, everything for $210 ea.

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You're right....it does sound like an insurance scam.

Luckily :thumbsup: , I tore my knee apart and won't have any issues getting a brace to begin with. My plan for now is to use my insurance to get a CTI for snowboarding and I'll pay out of my pocket for Asterisk's for riding.

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