YZ450F wheels

Okej just picked up my 2010 YZ450F, question can I swap the wheels from my crf250 04???? I have spiked snow tires on the crf 250. instead of switching tires over for a month I rather just swap wheels. can it be done??

If you have the CRf wheels, why don't you just try it

You got nothing to lose

I agree..

I have to take both sets off wheels to change tires..

Still seams pretty easy to me it only takes 5 mins to swap wheels.

I just bought some more tires. I will have to burn the next bank statement before the wife sees it..

I dont know why you just dont try it and let everyone else know for future reference. But I doubt it will fit.

When I take them off to fit summer tires I´ll post info.

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